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Rrr ya scurvy dogs it's Pirate Talk Day

Drop the anchor it’s international talk like a Pirate Day me hearteees.

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Overwatch Free Weekend!

Overwatch free weekend coming up soon!

Go check it out :)

Hope to see you guys in-game shootin’ up some n00bs :D


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Happy Birthday N0mad

Have a great Day n0mad

eat s0me cake


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New Video on the TeamIPX YouTube page

^ The latest video on the TeamIPX YouTube Channel! ^

Thank you very much to Atlantis for allowing me to put this up on the Channel, I really appreciate it!

Please go check it out! Atlantis has put a lot of work and time into the video and would love to see it excel!

If there are any problems with the video or if you would like to leave some feedback you can message me on steam (Main Account :P) or leave a comment under this post :).

P.S. It would be cool to setup another IPX ROCKET LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP soon! Would be good to catch-up with everyone in some games :D.


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RUST Damage Guide

Saw an interesting video that explains damage with various gear on the current version of RUST.

Definitely worth checking it out, taught me a few interesting facts, fot example did you know that the coffeecan helmet doesn’t have a weak spot on the back of the head?

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Happy Birthday _Red

Now you try not to get a VAC ban on your birthday ok _RED

get you some cake


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Happy Bithday PewPew

owww look who is the birthday boy

eat some cake


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Happy birthday Fuzz

Boom one more year on the Clock Fuzz

have a great one


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Happy Birthday Robag_Jr

another year added to your clock Boy

have a great day


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Steam Summer Sale

heres some good picks

Tower unite – minigolf/casino/minigames/etc 30pct off
RockerLeague – comeon everyone should have this now if not get it 40pct off
Rust – same as rocket leage get it :) 50pct off
Borderlands 2 – tiny tina is seriously the best character ever must buy 78pct off
HitMan – hit men(and sometimes woman) in many different ways. season 1 is finished and they opened the training levels for free well worth picking it up
Saints row series – over the top and funny game worth picking up
Metro 2033 and last light redux – great game with a good enough story.

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